Apr 052012

Mann Report Volume 1 Issue 2

“Hey!  Hands Off That Woman!”

It’s Possible With New Interactive Security Systems
By Lawrence Dolin, American Security Systems Inc.

So … let’s say you own and/or manage an existing multi-family residential building or are developing a new building and are thinking about the security needs to protect residents and your property assets.  There are many security considerations and systems to evaluate.

In addition to an intercom system, preferably video intercom, you consider installing an access control system at the entry doors to limit entry access to residents and authorized personnel.  This will eliminate the security risks of using keys which are the number one security risk to multi-family buildings.  Also, you’re thinking about a CCTV security camera system for the building perimeter, and especially the lobby entrance to record events.  This makes sense, because 95% of apartment building crime begins at the front entry. If the entry is safe then the building is safer overall.

All good! But did you stop and consider exactly how security systems work?

No, I don’t suppose you did!

Well, there are two important safety considerations to these and other security systems … the first is 1) Deterrence and the second is 2) Identification.

Deterrence works by displaying cameras and signs that indicate the property is under video surveillance to deter bad behavior and crime.  It’s psychological.

Generally, it is effective, but history has shown many believe no one is watching and people can do whatever they want.  They just don’t care.

The second consideration is identification of the perpetrator.  Identification is forensic.  It’s a post event analysis of the video from the CCTV cameras to hopefully identify who was responsible for the crime or bad behavior.  But it’s after the fact.

Here again, generally effective, but there are those who just do not care or cannot be identified.

So what’s the solution?

There’s new technology that brings systems “alive” to deliver real time proactive surveillance.

Interactive Is The Future
The advent of the internet and new video analytics protocol has enabled the development of a new security paradigm.  It’s the new sheriff.

It’s proactive and interactive surveillance that can prevent loitering and crimes at the front entry lobby by stopping it before it occurs and it can offer owners other benefits … less turnover, higher rental rates.

The Video Doorman Safe Lobby Security System is an innovative example of the “new sheriff” that monitors lobby entries 24/7 with video analytics that trigger a central station operator response when loitering occurs or a front door is forced open or left ajar.  The operator comes on live through speakers in the lobby to warn loiterers that they are being watched and videotaped and must leave or police will be dispatched.

Just like a guard, they will advise a criminal who is mugging a woman to stop and tell them the police will be there in minutes.

How It Works
The systems integrates a card reader and front door contact with cameras, speaker/microphone in the lobby and elevator.  It is linked to a high quality Digital Video Recorder equipped with Video Analytics connected to a high speed IT line and 24 hour UL certified Central Station operators that proactively prevent loitering in the lobby.

What It Does
·    Delivers a safe lobby and entrance area
·    Prevents loitering or soliciting prevention
·    Alerts Central Station operators of loitering
·    Alerts operators to door ajar
·    Enables operators to provide Latch Key Child notification to parents

What Are The Key Elements?

The system starts with a vandal proof exterior Video Doorman card reader tied into the front door.  Tenants use fob/cards to enter the building.  If desired, a camera and speaker/microphone can be added to surveil the exterior entrance.

An internet A/V signal travels over a high speed internet connection to a 24-hour UL certified Central Station.  Operators are trained to handle video monitoring calls and will dispatch authorities and notify owners when necessary.

High resolution cameras and speaker/microphones allow Central Station operators to interact and monitor the entrance of the building and the lobby.

Proprietary video analytics monitor lobby and entrance cameras and alert trained Central Station operators to warn intruders and prevent loitering.

5)    24/7 RECORDING
Video Doorman uses the most advanced, professional Digital Video Recorder.  It provides 24/7 real time, high-resolution video recording, and on-call 2-way remote audio/video.  24/7 Vital Signs Monitoring instantly reports any system malfunction.

Think about interactive security for your buildings to make them safer and provide less turnover.

Larry Dolin, CEO, American Security Systems Inc.

Larry Dolin, CEO, American Security Systems Inc.

Lawrence T. Dolin, CEO
American Security Systems Inc.
5044 50th Avenue
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