Single Family


“We manage 35 luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan, which are home to thousands of tenants. I have always been able to trust American Security Systems to install the most effective and appropriate of security systems – they always meet each building’s requirements. I’ve trusted American Securities for over 20 years, and they’ve never let me down, and they never forget that customer satisfaction comes first.”

– Mark Hoffman (Partner, Hoffman Management)

Multi-family, Managing Agents, Owners and Developers

Simply put, with over 1000 apartment buildings protected, no other security company has more expertise or experience in the Tri-State area in multiple dwelling residences. We design the most secure premises possible, which enhances the safety of the tenants and increases the property’s

Protection of apartment buildings requires the integration of several different types of systems. We place a premium on keeping the wrong people out and the right people safe.

We can use several different methods to accomplish this. Telephone Entry Systems, Video Intercoms, Card Access, and Closed Circuit Television are among the foremost defenses.

But securing your premises doesn’t simply mean access control –- American Security also provides outstanding fire protection, with state-of-the-art systems, alarms, and Central Station monitoring.

Our patented Emergency Paging system transforms your building’s current intercom system into an invaluable property-wide alert system for tenants and managers during an emergency.

Other Clients Include:

Trump International
Peter Cooper / Stuyvestant Town
NYC Housing Authority
Novoye Russkeye Slovo
Ansonia Condominium
Hoffman Management