Single Family

Single Family

Single Family

“I get a great sense of comfort from having American Security Systems protect my home. For seven years, the company has ensured that my system is both effective and easy to use. I feel incredibly safe and invulnerable when I’m at home; and when I’m away, I know that my valuables are well protected. To have American Security Systems protecting me is to have uncommon peace of mind.”

– Andrew Solomon (Greenwich Village, NYC)

Protecting your family from harm is the most important concern you can have. We know, we have families too. We protect over 5,000 apartments, houses, and brownstones – providing the right burglar and fire alarm system combinations that address your vulnerabilities, at fair prices, and the same outstanding customer service that our large commercial clients receive.

Our residential clients include UN Ambassadors, prominent political figures, and some of America’s most famous entertainers. We will not divulge their identities - every customer’s privacy is sacred to us.

Vulnerable Perimeter – First we look to protect all potential points of entry - any door or window that is accessible – using contact, shock, and glass break sensors.

A Video Intercom System enables you to see who is at your front door, back door, or both. And should an unwanted person enter your home while you are there, a “panic button” on the main control panel will alert the police.

Internally – Motion sensors are a back up to our alarms. We use dual sensors, which must “see” body heat and motion simultaneously, thus reducing the occurrences of false alarms.

Additional Protection – Residential installations should also have 24-hour smoke and CO2 detection. We often install low and high temperature sensors, as well as flood detection. All these systems are connected directly into our 24-hour UL Certified ® / NYCFD approved Central Station for round the clock monitoring.

Aesthetic Always – No one likes ugly wires or unsightly devices and panels cluttering up their homes. We make every effort to make our alarm systems as unobtrusive and visually pleasing as possible.