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Whatever type of commercial property you own or manage, the primary security issues remain the same: internal/external access control, theft, vandalism, fire, and environmental conditions, such as flood, heat detection, etc. American Security Systems can monitor all of these variables from our UL Certified ® / NYCFD approved Central Station. We can even send you an e-mail alert if something goes wrong, in case you are not on the premises.

We work with you to develop a sound, comprehensive security plan - providing not only protection from unwanted liability, but also real cost savings in terms of manpower and losses. We help design the most secure premises possible, which in turn allows our clients to focus on their business, instead of ours.

We design security systems to protect all types and sizes of property. Furthermore, all our systems are designed to maintain the maximum degree of aesthetic beauty. For your convenience, we have categorized just some of our security strategies for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional locations.

A complete list of our products is posted in our Systems Offered section.