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“For over 13 years American Security Systems has provided reliable protection for my two restaurants. Their systems are so easy to use. They are responsive both to my concerns and to the needs of my system. I have never felt like I am dealing with a ‘big’ company - they are always so attentive and thorough.”
– LAURENCE KRETCHMER (Co-Owner Mesa Grill and Bolo)

Minimizing the occurrences of both external and internal theft is of paramount importance in a retail operation. These issues go to the heart of your business’s bottom line, and to a large degree can be eliminated through the proper deployment of an appropriate security system.

In addition to standard Burglar Alarms and Fire Alarms, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is our most efficient tool for retailers. CCTV systems can record up to 30 days of footage, you can view your CCTV remotely, and we set your set up your system to record only during certain time periods, or upon motion detection.

You can remote-view as many locations as you like, from your central office or while traveling with your PC. Whether you are protecting a clothing boutique or a supermarket, we will design a security system that is right for you.


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Associated Supermarkets
Aquavit Restaurant
Christian Dior Boutique
Metropolis Comics
Zen Palate
Sterling Vision
BHF Bank