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“I run an office of 900 people. Not only do I feel personal responsibility for their safety, but I want to protect all my infrastructure and merchandise. I am so lucky to have found American Security Systems to share this responsibility with. They are just so professional, from sales to installation to responding to my alarms and problems.”
– JEROME ISAKOV (Facilities Director, Investec Ernst)

Protecting an entire office building is one of the most ambitious tasks that anyone can undertake. American Security Systems is skilled at the task. Building owners and manager that hire us to devise a security strategy care just as much about their tenants’ security as do the tenants themselves.

Controlling who has access to your building space is critical to protecting it. Our Access Systems, whether Card Access or Biometric Readers, will insure that only authorized personnel have access. We can empower any 24-hour security staff with the tools to monitor any area or an entire building.

Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system can be installed anywhere and in any number of locations, and can be viewed in any number of locations. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) can record several weeks’ worth of footage.

You can even view your CCTV remotely, and we set your set up your DVR system to record only during certain time periods, or upon motion detection.

Remote surveillance can be set up so that Central Station can monitor the building as well. Our state-of-the-art Locks, Burglar Alarms, and Fire Alarms will make your space a veritable fortress when no one is there.


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