Access Control Systems

Card Access

Access Door GalAmerican offers a wide variety of access control solutions from proximity, biometric, fingerprint, to all-in-one smart-card readers. Systems can range from 1 to 65,000 users, and 1 to 1,000 doors. Access control systems allow your managers to determine who enters where and at what times. A lost card can be deleted from the system in a matter of minutes. Systems archive all activity.

Our mainstay card access system is Keri. Keri is the most cost effective card access system on the market. It can handle one to 256 doors for one customer. Controllers take 2 doors each, and importantly, they can be “daisy-linked”, so more doors can easily be added without having to reconfigure systems. We only use proximity readers, so no cards are inserted, nor are readers vandalized.

“Doors” Remote Software

Systems come with Doors™ software, which we will either load on your PC or network. Using a modem, doors at remote locations can be managed from headquarters. Doors for use with Windows is a very user-friendly software package, perfect for managing access control applications from 1 to 256 doors, with remote site capability. It has both spreadsheet and dialog box operation to make it easy to use for system operators with any types of computer background, auto-configuration of the system hardware, walk-through “Wizards” that provide step-by-step instruction, and online help. Doors will continue to grow in functionality with new and enhanced features. Designed to be used by real people, not rocket scientists.

Biometric/Fingerprint Readers

When extra security is required to control access, then you should consider biometrics readers from Recognition Systems or a finger print reader from Bioscrypt. Unlike cards, which occasionally can be passed on, these readers absolutely insure the user is the user.