CCTV Systems


From 1 to 100 cameras, American installs a high quality system using color digital cameras, tied into a state-of-the-art digital video recorder. No more VCRs with tapes. Storage can be a month or longer, with almost instantaneous retrieval. Images can be viewed on your network, or remotely from home.

For all camera systems, we only use quality products from manufacturers that stand behind their product. Depending on the situation, we will use Ikegami,SonyPelcoSamsungProvideo or Hunt. Every camera selected has high resolution, vari-focal lenses, sturdy housings and when necessary will switch from color to black and white, if the light is too low.


Digital recorders have replaced VCRs and multiplexers. They can record 30 days or longer, provide easy and almost instant playback, be viewed on a monitor, PC or on a local or wide area network. Further each has an IP address, so any one can be viewed (password protected) remotely from any where in the world

We basically sell and install two types�hardware based or PC based. In situations where a guard/concierge/parking attendant will be watching and handling a DVR, we utilize Dedicated Micro ( They function much like multiplexers, are simple to use and are very durable. In office, or remote facility locations, where users are PC literate and are using the system on a LAN or WAN network, then we recommend IDS Tech-Eye. We also install and service IntegralHoneywell Fusion and Pelco.