Video Doorman Safe Lobby

Video Doorman Safe Lobby™

95% of all building crime begins at the front door.

With Video Doorman Safe Lobby, tenants have:

  • Card Access Door Control and Management
  • 24/7 CCTV Recording and Surveilance
  • No Loitering, No Soliciting at Entrance Area or Lobby
  • Front Door Ajar Notification
  • Forced Entry – Police Dispatch
  • “Latchkey” Child Arrival Notification
  • Emergency Entry for Police, Fire and Medical

Video Doorman Safe Lobby provides interactive lobby surveillance for a safer building entrance.

Here’s how it works: The system integrates a card reader and front door contact with camera, speakers and microphones in the lobby/entrance.  These elements are linked to high quality DVR equipment with video analytics connected to a high speed IT line.  The IT line is monitored 24/7 by UL certified central station operators who proactively prevent loitering in the monitored areas.

The operators make sure that the lobby entrance is closed, that a forced entry reported to authorities and that loiterers are effectively challenged.

“Latchkey” children - that is, children who return home when parents are not at home - receive a special card access key.  When a child uses the access card, an email is sent to the child’s parent(s) with the date and time of entry.  This feature allows working parents to always know when their children are home and safe.

Video Doorman Save Lobby is the only proactive, interactive security surviellance system available today.

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